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What Version of Windows Do I Have?

This guide will show you, step by step, how to discover which version of the Windows Operating System, you are currently running. Please note, that new versions of Windows will be released after the creation of this guide. This guide currently details all Versions of Windows up to December of 2019. 1.) Press the “Windows […]

How to Uninstall a Program in Windows 10

The goal of this guide is to step you through two possible methods of uninstalling a program, when using the Windows 10 operating system. Please keep in mind that all steps below were created using Windows 10 version 10.0.18362. As new versions of Windows 10 are release, things may look different or change. You can […]

How to Stop Windows 7 from Automatically Installing Drivers and Manually Install them Yourself

This is a little guide I had written a few years ago and never had a chance to publish, until now. Note: This method only applies to Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate, and Windows 7 Enterprise. Other editions of windows 7, such as Windows 7 Home, do not come with Group Policy installed. Purpose […]